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Condé Nast Traveler (May 2007) "In Everglades City, the Ivey House has a low-key charm."

"Everglades Adventure", Floridians. www.VISITFLORIDA.com (May 2007) "My evening is spent at the Ivey House B&B, small and friendly, its rooms decorated in tropical floral tones. Inside the Inn, a screened roof soars over the swimming pool and a beautifully landscaped courtyard. Flowering hibiscus and subtropical plants of green, yellow, and pink rim the pool and adjacent waterfall." "Before I call it a day I book a kayak tour for the next morning from Everglades Eco Adventures - you can't explore the Ten Thousand Islands on bike. My put-in point on the Turner River promises swamps, tunnels formed by the prop roots of red mangroves and playful river otters. Alas, there are no otters to be seen on this trip, but the river tunnels are well worth the price of admission and pleasant start to the day."

"Base Camps: On the Edge", National Geographic Adventure Magazine (Dec. 2005/Jan. 2006) "Tempting as it is to while away the evening chatting on the screened0in front porch of the Ivey House B&B in Everglades City, the night paddle into neighboring Everglades National Park shouldn't be missed. Headlamps reveal glowing eyes all around. Alligators grunt, frogs croak, and don't be surprised if a fish flops into your kayak. "It's creepy, in a good way," says Heidi Crowel, manager of Ivey House, which conveniently operates Everglades Rentals & Eco Adventures on the same premises. During the day, paddle the Turner River through the park's wide-open saw-grass prairie and mangrove tunnels. At this shotgun-style lodge, built circa 1928, the rooms are spare, the grits creamy, and the pool fringed in orchids."

"Everglades National Park", Backpacker Magazine (Feb. 2007) "North American Canoe Tours (located in the historic Ivey House B&B) has good rental gear, plus shuttles, lodging, dining, local beta, and an informative website."

"Everglades City, Florida: Gateway to Everglades National Park", Pilot Getaways (Nov. Dec. 2006) "The Ivey House B&B is ideal for those interested in adventure tours of the area. This inn offers free breakfast along with comfortable rooms, while doubling as an adventure outfitter and shuttle service. If you stay here, you'll get discounts on tours, canoes, kayaks, and transportation."

"Tracking a Tale of Violence Into the Everglades", The New York Times (Dec. 24, 2006) "Just don't forget to keep track of where you are on that map as you go along and you'll be fine,: said the friendly equipment kid from the Ivey House B&B in Everglades City, were we rented the canoe, a big raccoon-proof five-gallon jug for fresh water, and miscellaneous camping gear. If you forget to check and just paddle for a couple of hours, that's when you'll look down and say, 'Where the heck are we?'" "Once you get to Everglades City, you'll need a boat and paddles, which can be rented along with other gear from North American Canoe Tours. It's at the Ivey House, which has an inn and a rustic lodge. It is a fine place to eat and sleep the nights before or after your trip."

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