We are restoring our pool.  Work will be completed from May 18-May 28, during which time the pool will be closed.

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Group Events

Group Events

Let us create an extraordinary event for your group in the beautiful heart of the largest subtropical wilderness in America! Over the last thirty years, The Ivey House and Everglades Adventures have planned and provided remarkable events for corporations, schools, churches, and families.

Imagine your group exploring the backcountry of Florida’s magical Everglades by airboat or swamp buggy. Paddling kayaks along the sun-dappled waterways beneath canopies of mangroves and out into the shallow flats of needlerush and periphyton, you’ll experience exotic wildlife up close. You’ll see the highly endangered American crocodiles, alligators, gentle manatees, dolphins, rays, bald eagles, ibis, and flamingos. And, of course, your evenings will be relaxing and comfortable at your choice of Ivey House accommodations.

Whether your goal is team building, relaxation, education, or just fun and excitement, your group can expect the unexpected with the Ivey House and Everglades Adventures.