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Why We Are Green
Friday, 07 October 2011 17:38
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We are fortunate to live and play in the Everglades and are dedicated to making our B&B as environmentally friendly as possible. We realize a resource this precious is rare and are dedicated to taking steps necessary to protect it not only for ourselves and our children, but for the thousands of visitors who pass through this wilderness each day.

As Collier County's first "Certified Green Lodging" location, we are committed to delivering a premium guest experience while using non intrusive, high quality, Eco-friendly products. New advances are being made each day to help businesses achieve that balance between profitability and sustainability. We are committed to being vigilant in our quest to provide a fun, comfortable destination for our guests to experience Everglades National Park.

Environmental guidelines for hotels are measure by "Palms" with a range from "1 Palm" to the ultimate status of "5 Palms". Our current status is 1 Palm. This means we have identified and have acted on some environmental best practices such as:

We conserve electricity

  • Pool water temperature is kept at 76-78 degrees
  • Garden & outside lighting fixtures are on timers

We conserve water

  • All toilets, showers and sinks have low flow outlets

We conserve resources & respect the environment

  • Liquid hand soap is provided so as not to waste bar soap

We recycle

  • We encourage recycling by providing collection points for plastic, glass & paper.
  • Shipping boxes and crates are broken down and recycled

Our next step is 2 Palms. What this means is that we will identify and undertake significant environmental initiatives. We will move beyond a basic awareness of environmental issues to committing to environmental improvement, accompanied by good progress in reducing the environmental impacts of our operations.

You can help, too!

  • Participate in our towel reuse program
  • Help conserve energy by shutting off the ceiling fan, lights and air conditioner when leaving the room.
  • Utilize the recycling bins located throughout the hotel. If you have any extra bottles of water, our plants are always thirsty!

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