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Let us create an extraordinary event for your group. Over the last thirty years we have provided astounding Everglades's adventures for corporations, schools, churches, and families. The focus may be on team building, relaxation, education, or just fun. Your group should expect the unexpected with us. Some examples of special events we've hosted over the years include:
  • Tetra Pak, a Swiss corporation, hired us to provide activities for seven hundred corporate clients over a three day period. We offered kayaking through mangrove tunnels into a mangrove pond, hikes in the swamp, a historical bike ride through Everglades City, fishing charters and boat rides in Everglades National Park, entertainment and meals.
  • Thirty-six Apple Computer executives from Belgium began their adventures by paddling and camping in the Everglades, then hiked into the swamp and experienced a candle-lit dinner in a saw grass prairie. Afterward, they then boarded a crab boat to eat stone crabs while watching a breathtaking sunset before spending their last night with us here at the Ivey House Inn.
  • Approximately sixty-five local ninth graders camped in the Everglades each year as part of a curriculum focused on education and fostering an appreciation for the fragile Everglades ecosystem (a designated World Heritage Site, International Biosphere Reserve, and Wetland of International Importance).
  • For more than ten years, approximately thirty-five seventh graders from Central Florida stayed at the Ivey House for two nights. During each stay, they paddled into the mangroves at dusk to watch the birds fly into their rookeries as the colors in the sky changed to many spectacular shades. The second day they paddled out to a mangrove island for a picnic lunch.
  • A rum company appointed us to provide an activity where the winners stayed at the Ivey House and each day participated in a scavenger hunt until one lucky winner found a hidden rum cask and won a valuable prize from their company.

Lots of groups ranging from teacher groups, families, friends (for events such as retreats or even bachelor and bachelorette parties), environmental organizations, scouts, other social clubs and many, many more have stayed and played with us over the years. Call today to start planning the adventure of a lifetime!


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